Stretching and working on mobility exercise daily for people with spinal cord injuries.

I’ve never grasped the idea of a good stretch and mobility exercise session more than now when I can physically feel a difference when I get up and take my first few steps in the morning, filled with spasms and feeling of being uncomfortable. Something I’ve realized for some time now having a spinal cord injury (C6 and C7) is that my body doesn’t instinctively stretch out every morning like everyone else after a night of sleep but instead my body feels tighter effecting my walking which becomes harder.

What I found as a great remedy is a few simple stretches and mobility work, focusing on body parts that are the most tightest and weakest, which has been pointed out to me by my physiotherapist. Just taking my time in the morning to prepare myself for the day ahead is worth it. This has benefited me so well for my walking ability, my balance and hand function, the spinal cord injury has impaired my hand function more on the right side so stretching it out a few times helps prevent my hand looking like a claw.

Spinal cord injures that leave you bound to a few positions a day is worth stretching your body and having a few mobility exercise in, to reduce the amount of spasms that you’d probably go through that day. Its personally helped me over the years. I’d like to advice you first to see a physiotherapist to coming up with a few stretches and exercise you could do at home, with the aid from a care giver, family member or friend safety first.

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