2 types of people in a resident for disabled students.

In 2019 I began my journey back at University, not sure if “back” is the correct word but started my journey at University as a student, studying a degree in Economics. I’ve always enjoyed how the economy works, numbers and graphs so choosing this degree for me was a no brainier. I’m currently in my second year and finally got a hang of how things worked, in university, first year goes by in such a blur because your so busy trying to find classrooms, libraries and a convenient place to buy groceries. Staying in a resident that doesn’t have a canteen for students but has an option for meal preparation that I’ve noted a few blind guys in my resident have, but having a look at the food it doesn’t seem as good as I would have expect it. That for me was the only reason I needed to start learning how to cook. In fact a couple of blinds guys make their on meals as well using the stove and pots, I know this because I’ve seen it myself, its pretty impressive if you ask me. The ability of just using all other senses expect for your eyes to make food and judge weather the food is cooked or not, the correct amount of spices to add in the pot is just remarkable to me. I guess you can say my resident is split into two types of people, 1 people who would rather be independent regardless of their limitation, refusing assistance and would rather find their way of doing things, or 2 people who would like that bit of assistance in a few aspects that they might find challenging. To be fair I see nothing wrong with this because we all different in experiences and the way we priorities things of importance differently to others.

Cooking and cleaning my own room as taught me a lot in terms of how to do certain challenging things differently which has become so valuable to me in terms of personal growth with living with a disability.

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