Tim Driman – Wildlife Photographer

Retired entrepreneur, qualified FGASA Field and Trails Guide, and wildlife and nature photographer, Tim has grown up in the bush around South Africa, sometimes venturing as far as Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique, paying close attention to the various styles of conservation management found in those areas. Tim is always ready for a challenge, project or adventure! His motto is “have cameras – will travel!”


Trade and Lateral Development

Trade and Lateral specialises in three main areas: website development, website speed, and email marketing. We design, build and maintain WordPress websites and online shops, and add comprehensive security and backups. We can also dramatically speed up your WordPress website, which can boost your Google page rankings and your sales. Finally, we will handle all your email marketing campaigns for you by helping you to choose an email strategy, designing your email newsletter, sending it to your database of customers and reporting back on its success.